Advent Day 14

Snow in the night
Silence spreads like ice on a lake,
Snow in the night
The world is now gift-wrapped in white
I’m gloriously glad I’m awake
To see the snow soften its shape
Snow in the night

Frost in the night
The air has a tingle like fire
Frost in the night
The earth mirrors back the starlight
The moon is a thing of desire
And the stars seem a little bit higher,
Frost in the night

Because one rondelet is never enough.


Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water


 Because it’s supposed to snow at Christmas. The image is by Fay Collins. She paints the most wonderful landscapes. You can find more at her website:

1 thought on “Advent Day 14

  1. Ahaha love the “because one rondelet is never enough” 😂. Actually, I just uploaded a ‘Rondelet’ of my own onto my blog. It’s linked below. I’d love it if you would read over it and leave me some tips on how to improve. With your incredible writing technique, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you. Thanks!


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