Advent 16

Nutcracker dreams

The sleeping girl is dreaming
Of a handsome prince (of course)
With a chocolate soldier uniform
And a candy-coloured horse.

She’s dreaming about snowflakes
Pirouetting through the sky,
Scattering silver bon-bons
As they go whirling by.

She’s dreaming of a palace
Built of love, and licorice
Where a sleeping girl is dreaming
Of a prince, and true love’s kiss.


11 thoughts on “Advent 16

  1. One of my favourite ballet stories and so romantic, Sarah! I like the gentle rhyme and repetition of ‘dreaming’, like a lullaby, and I especially love the whirling silver bon-bons, love and licorice!..


  2. Thank you for bringing back my memories of watching The Nutcracker with my girls. We used to watch it on TV, and then I won box seats for us to go the Pennsylvania Ballet’s performance at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Our young daughters got to meet the Sugar Plum fairy, and we received a nutcracker that we still have.


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