Advent Day 18

Fox’s Christmas Dinner

All we saw at first
was a glint of russet
flickering behind
the criss cross scritch scratch
winter hedge. A vixen
sniffing her way down
the hedgeline,


Later, we went out to look,
found her prints
deep and dainty in the snow,
followed them down
towards our neighbour’s house,
lost them in a flurry –
a fistful of feathers, and
a red stain, darkening the snow.

Picked them up again, then –
a long diagonal, arching
up towards the top corner.

Pheasant feathers,
if you’re wondering.

Hard to begrudge.

And as an additional treat, another picture from Fay Collins. You can find more of her wonderful work here:

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor, nature and water

8 thoughts on “Advent Day 18

  1. I love foxes. I watched Countryfile yesterday evening and there was a clip with someone eating a steak al fresco and sharing it with a hungry fox that was hanging around his campfire. I can’t help but love them, with their:
    ‘…glint of russet
    flickering behind
    the criss cross scritch scratch
    winter hedge’.


      • When Ellen lived close to Clapham Common we used to see urban foxes all the time. Sometimes they would follow us when we walked her dogs. I haven’t seen too many around here but I have smelt them!


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