Boundary – I

The boundaries are quite obvious here,

this land of deep lanes, high hedges,

odd shaped fields, that must have some story

to explain their angles.

The stream is another boundary,

between this parish and the next,

though my neighbour,

bringing up her daughters,

crossed the stream for school and chapel.

The hedges by the road

are well clipped now, holding back fields,

where there was scrubby growth,

so that I seldom see a deer these days.

The rooks know no boundaries.

Their world spreads out below them,

open wide, but then again,

I see their sentinels, on branches

or on wires, and wonder how

they mark their boundaries in the air.

So, I’ve been thinking about editing and redrafting. I mostly write to prompts, and generally post quite quickly – which is great! – lots of instant feedback, not too much to ponder over. However, I tell myself that I can go back and re-draft and edit, and I never do. I’ve decided to make that explicit. This was written for Sammi’s prompt – Boundary – and it’s a very rough splurge of words. I’m going to give it a month, have another look, and put up the next draft. Let’s see how far we can go. If anyone’s interested on linking up on this, let me know, and we can think about how we do it. 






4 thoughts on “Boundary – I

    • OK, I realise I’ve left this a while, because I wanted to formulate my thoughts. I am working on this being a year of Depth, rather than Breadth, ( so I’m trying to concentrate on what I already have/do – getting through that TBR pile, not kidding myself that I’m going to take up needle-felting – and poetry seemed like the obvious thing that I do that I’d like to take deeper. I’m trying to read more poetry, and explore some poets I haven’t really read before, and I thought it might be interesting to try and work on a few pieces and see what happens if you just redraft, edit, refine. If you would like to make helpful/constructive comments, that would be great. I find I get a lot of very positive feedback (which is lovely, obviously), but it’s hard to know how good a piece really is, and how much is people being generous. If you would like to do something parallel, and think about how we share the experience, that would be great, too. It’s always great fun doing things with you. If you have any other ideas, I’d be interested in hearing them, and playing around with them.

      I think this response might be longer than the original post, now!

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