Handwriting – haibun for dVerse.

I write. My words spill over pages – scrawled words, jotted down hastily; poems pencilled into notebooks; my daily words, sandwiched between first drafts and shopping lists. Endless lists.

I write in clinic. I’m not going to sit over a keypad while you talk to me. I write in meetings, to keep my monkey hands occupied. I write on the chalkboard at home. Give me an appointment, and I’ll write it on the calendar. I’m analogue, me, as well as digital. More analogue than digital, maybe. Sometimes I’ll write a word just for the pleasure of shaping it.

hawk rides the clear air
earth is a map beneath her
waiting to be read

Kim is keeping the dVerse bar, and asking us to write a haibun about handwriting. Is it a dying art? Well, mine is neither dying, nor an art…



22 thoughts on “Handwriting – haibun for dVerse.

  1. Beautiful:

    “Sometimes I’ll write a word just for the pleasure of shaping it.”

    What are your favorite letter’s to write? Cursive or print?


    • I have dabbled in calligraphy, but I like to write by hand sometimes because it connects me more to the words, and slows me down. Also, I like to write a final reflection in bed, and I don’t want to be on akeyboard now.


  2. I am so glad you still write, Sarah. I do, but I can’t always read my scrawl – I can’t even hold a pen sometimes. One thing we have in common, though, is lists. I have post-its, a Filofax, and other bits of paper full of to do lists, shopping lists, lists of submissions to magazines and competitions, books to read and lists of lists! I love that you ‘write a word just for the pleasure of shaping it’ and your hawk reading earth like a map!


  3. I’m a list girl as well. Although they are all on the computer. I have turned into a totally digital woman….I even print out my menus for the week and use a magnet to stick them on the fridge. I always hated writing by hand – so constrained by teachers. My handwriting is atrocious. I can’t even read it the few times I write – age and arthritis. Your haiku is magnificent. I love the map beneath the hawk waiting for her to read. Spectacular.


  4. I have a difficult time writing “by hand” now–except for lists and notes. I also jot things on a calendar hanging on the kitchen wall, but poetry and real writing I do on my computer.

    Your haiku is breathtaking!


  5. This just left me feeling good–to know that there is someone else out there with monkey hands (I have a monkey mind to go with) and who loves the feel of writing. I am also a bit compulsive about lists–those I print and then get to cross off after it–what ever it is–is done. My sister across the pond!


  6. Stunning haiku Sarah! I am now seeing an aerial view completely differently. And I am a compulsive scribbler, in between patient appointments and meeting I do the same, my pockets often full of little coloured pieces of paper I cant piece together! I am honoured to meet another scribbler.


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