Poem. Or not. A quadrille for dVerse.

I’m not writing you a poem.

Don’t even ask me to.

I’m not scheming a
rhyme pattern,
and I’m not

not scanning, not
alliterating, and
not doing that
enjambment thing

that you go on about.



Victoria at dVerse is asking us to quadrille a poem poem tonight. I’m not. 

30 thoughts on “Poem. Or not. A quadrille for dVerse.

  1. LOL – love the approach, the mocking parody and tone, which in itself, becomes the poem – kind of “this is not a love story” …. and here I was, thinking along the same fashionable lines and ideas – well done! 😀

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  2. Sarah!!!!
    I am DE-lighted by this! Laughing out loud, and loving every line. The voice in this is just wonderful. I love this tiny rebel poem (I hate to tell her, but she’s a poem, despite her best efforts to the contrary. It’s okay. She can be a contrary poem. Often, they’re the best ones.)


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