Grey – haibun for dVerse

Today was grey from the moment I opened my eyes. Today was a day without colour – grey sky blurring into grey land. I spent the day in a cloud of grey, distances blurred and lacking definition. A day of minor problems, mild irritations, a day of bland foods and tepid drinks.

first blossoms appear
I am still feeling winter
cold against my skin


A grey haibun for Bjorn at dVerse. Usually I try to flip the prompt and come up with something unexpected, but today was so very grey…


21 thoughts on “Grey – haibun for dVerse

  1. I’ve finally got around to reading your haibun, Sarah – it’s taken a while! It was grey here today too, and wet. I think that kind of day affects our moods and makes us susceptible to ‘minor problems, mild irritations…bland foods and tepid drinks’. I keep looking out for blossom – that usually gives me a bit of a boost. 🙂


  2. Grey day blues…or greys. I loved this brief haibun with all its greyness. Some days are like this – even sunny days. The haiku is excellent – “feeling winter cold against my skin”. That really gets to the heart of the matter.


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