Burn II – quadrille for dVerse

I burnt the toast,

distracted by a poem

that fluttered against

the window pain

demanding to be freed –


what could I do

but let it go?


It was so delicate.


I thought of it

all day.

Words,  free

to burn or freeze

or fly.


Burning Inspiration–dVerse Quadrille #


25 thoughts on “Burn II – quadrille for dVerse

  1. I so like the tone of this. The other day I took a nap and a poem came knocking at the window and I was too lazy to get something to write it down with. Grrr. All you can do is let it go. The homey scene of burning toast set it in such a human happening.

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  2. Brilliant! And so familiar. I only eat fruit and yogurt now. I love the play on the words in ‘window pain (pane) / demanding to be freed’ and
    ‘Words, free
    to burn or freeze
    or fly’.


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