Love token – for dVerse

I wear my Granny’s diamond ring each day –
My hand feels heavier if it’s not there,
My finger naked when it’s put away
For working pastry, filling dough with air.
My Granny was a refugee in her own land,
Neglected immigrant into her childhood home
And all my memories are of her hands,
Strong hands, hard worked, big boned.
What better token could I find for her?
Dull, crushing poverty just made her strong,
And lit a fire within her, and conferred
The power to take life on, and love headlong.
I wear two rings, two diamonds, two love songs,
And one is hers, and that’s the sweeter one.


I am so happy to be guest hosting at the bar at dVerse tonight. I don’t often write sonnets – they are my poetic nemesis, but the occasion seemed to demand one. The theme is love tokens, and I’m really looking forward to reading some great poems. 

29 thoughts on “Love token – for dVerse

  1. Such a beautiful token from your grandmother. This is a lovely tribute to her strength and devotion. I specially admire this line: The power to take life on, and love headlong. Thanks for hosting Sarah!


  2. The diamond strength of your grandmother’s grit and love is so tenderly woven here in this token. And which is the greater (“sweeter”) love but the one hardest fought for the smallest remainder. That’s good instruction in the craft of writing poems too, don’t you think?


  3. This was a lovely poem. The focus on the hands and the ring, and you did great with the form.
    I was late to respond to your prompt, but posted mine in the Thursday open mike. I enjoyed reading about the foundling hospital and the poignant tradition of the tokens.


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