The troll mourns

If you wait quietly, you might see her. She comes at night, singing softly to herself – the low, sobbing song of a grieving troll. She is searching for her lost child. She moves the stones around, looking for signs of life – softened skin, slow breaths – or even of death – the remembered curve of a cheek, the frozen shape of an eye.

She piles the stones in different patterns. We think the designs have meaning, but we don’t  really understand them. Are they a threat to those who stole her baby? A message to a lost child? A cry of pain? This is for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and her Friday Fictioneers. Photo by Sandra Crook, words by me.

20 thoughts on “The troll mourns

  1. This is the kind of troll story I love the most. The troll a person with feelings… I read so many fairy tales of that kind… There was a lullaby by mother troll I remember:

    Mother Troll’s Song
    When mother troll has put
    her eleven small trolls to bed
    and wrapped them up tight in her tail
    then she sings to the eleven small trolls
    the most beautiful words she knows:
    Ho aj aj aj aj buff,
    ho aj aj aj aj buff,
    ho aj aj aj aj buff buff!
    Ho aj aj aj aj buff.


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