The invisible woman

She slipped invisible
between the pages
unnoticed, finding her own way,

invisibility is a curse,
and a power –

I mean, it’s terrible to be

and yet, invisible, you can
work your way into
the heart of things.

She wore invisibility
like a cloak,
used it to hide

hair unbrushed,
comfortable shoes,
hands untended,

slipped between
blades of grass,
between sheets
of plate glass,

sipped coffee
watched the world.



For Lillian, a very visible woman, at dVerse. We are invited to think about superpowers, real, imaginary, whatever.  

12 thoughts on “The invisible woman

  1. Slipped between sheets of plate glass — such an interesting statement. Plates of glass – see through — but between them, as in pressed? Watching the world go by, pressed between two very visible pieces of glass .. anonymity? Same as invisible? Ah you’ve got me thinking here!


    • I was thinking about how we become “invisible” as we get older, how we can fade into the background or choose to stand out. How hard it can be to fade like that, but also how liberating. Bad hair day, maybe! 😉

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  2. Invisibility is an apparent curse for the aging — how I’ve faded from the world’s eyes — yet in that Otherworldly sense, it offers such a boon. To see that much more clearly within, to escape the attentional vortex of what never mattered anyway. Amen.


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