Writing – a haibun for dVerse

This is the book that stared me off. A Christmas present from my parents when I was seven. On the back it starts off by saying “This is a book to grow on. It is also a book to grow with…”, and that’s what happened. There are poems in here that have become part of me. It’s a children’s anthology, but here is Robert Frost, both the Brownings, Yeats, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Dickinson, Whitman – so many great poems, so many great poets. Poems that have been absorbed into my bones, that sing in my blood. Poems that still influence my writing, because of their simplicity.

But why do I write? I write because I love it. I love the shaping of words, I love capturing a moment, a mood, an atmosphere. I jokingly say I write because it’s better than meditation – and that’s the truth. When I’m writing, I’m totally caught up in what I’m doing, in the act of creation. Does that sound grandiose? I don’t care. I write because I’m a writer.

Rook sits on the wire
Naming the world with his gaze
Black feathers on snow

Toni is the guest host at dVerse tonight. She asks us to write about the Who? What? Why? of our writing, our earliest inspirations. 

24 thoughts on “Writing – a haibun for dVerse

  1. You write because you’re a writer – plain and simple. I love it. I was given the same book as a small child. It sits in the bookcase and sometimes, I pull it out and read it all over again. Your parents were right!


    • Sorry, Bjorn, you haven’t read The Book, so you’re not allowed to comment… 😉

      It’s never too late to start writing, though, which is one of the great things about it. And you are definitely a writer.


  2. It seems in every post that we all write because we can’t help ourselves. We have to! Love your story and your passion for words. Even the Rook speaks in chosen words!!


  3. How lucky that you got this book so early in your life… such a precious gift of poetry that we can all grow up with. That power of creation…I can understand that power of words. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love those final thoughts Sarah, they are the reason we all do what we do, write. It keps us sane and adds such a thrill to our souls when we create and looking back think we’ve some sense again.


    • I actually hadn’t realised how old I was when I got it, until I looked at the dedication last night. I guess it was a slightly odd choice for a seven year old, but I was a bookish child. I think it made poetry “normal” for me, if that makes sense.


  5. It seems we all share the compulsion to write … and aren’t we lucky to be able to capture our thoughts before they fly away? I, too, am a writer, plain and simple … as a matter of fact what I write IS plain and simple!

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    • It must have been “the” anthology to give a bookish child at some point, as two other poets recognised it. It’s just a very lovely, broad anthology, with lots of accessible classics in it, and rather gorgeous line drawn illustrations that don’t take over from the poems.

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