The circle

Once the blue flames faded, she allowed herself to look again. The circle had done its job – there was no damage outside the black line she’d carefully drawn with charcoal from a hazel log. The demons had been kept inside, and returned now to whatever dark dimension they came from. Not even sound escaped the circle.

Shame about the luncheon party. The guests had expected to consume, not be consumed.

She shrugged. They had challenged her, after all, sniggering at the idea that she was an archimage. She wondered when they’d stopped sniggering and started screaming.

Photo by Fatima Fakia Derier. Prompt by Rochelle. 

17 thoughts on “The circle

  1. Yikes.

    Actually reminds me of the climax to a 1973 made-for-TV movie called “The Norliss Tapes” starring Roy Thinnes. It was the pilot for a series that never made it. He did catch a demon in a circle of blood, though.


  2. Ha ha ha, a wicked one again Sarah. I had thought of the circle flipping, the chairs emptying into the lake below, where sharks or crocodiles awaited those guests, and then coming back up empty, as if nothing was ever there. But I didn’t write that because it was too ‘inspired’ by movies. Glad at least you used the circle in your own way.

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