Welcome to April – which for poets means NaPoWriMo – or GloPoWriMo, in my case, as I’m writing from the UK. A whole month of daily poems and prompts. Join in. It’s a great challenge, and nobody’s judging you – and you will be giving more poetry to the world, and exploring your voice as a writer.

Most of my life is public –
I’ve been judged by Facebook;
I’ve played Candy Crush
in waiting rooms;
my body has been scanned,
and sliced, and probed, hands
delving in the secret spaces
of my torso. I’ve been
photographed. I am not proud.

I’ve told you most things:
I’m an open book. And yet,
in this early morning chill
clean light, before I boil
the kettle, the steam waking up
the day; with this quiet crafting,
this gently pushing sounds and
syllables into their place,
this building them into strange
architecture – now,
I feel as if I’m in another life,
an intimate life, kept safely,
wrapped in the quiet mystery of words.

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