Zip – quadrille for dVerse

Life’s a zipwire
and you are
hanging on

and from up here
the view is great

if you could only stop
and look – tree
bird –
what kind? –
blur of white cherry blossom.

You fly past,
falling, held,
between gravity
and the wire


For dVerse, where Zip-a-De-doo-dah De asks us to produce a quadrille – 44 words including the key word “zip”.


18 thoughts on “Zip – quadrille for dVerse

  1. I’ve been on a little kids’ zipwire but haven’t the guts for a big one! My husband went on the one at the Eden Project but I just watched.I love the movement in the lines:
    ‘if you could only stop
    and look – tree
    bird –
    what kind? –
    blur of white cherry blossom’.


  2. Love the use of zipwire and the imagery of hanging in there, holding on as you fall fast ~ I tried it but I am scared of heights and everything was just a blur ~


  3. I like this. But since I’ve retired, I think the zipline slowed down a lot. Things do still rush by quickly nonetheless. I like the inference of blur throughout the poem. It gives it action


  4. You created the sense of motion and height — more than I care to think about. I used to rock climb to overcome my fear of heights. It only kicks in with motion. You left me sweating at my laptop. I hope you’re happy! 🙂


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