Gather – quadrille for dVerse

Gather your thoughts
they are strewn over the fields,
they have floated away with the clouds –
you should keep your thoughts on a string,
so that they cannot drift off.

Gather them now, bundle them
tightly together, so they cannot escape,
hide them away.

Lillian is tending the bar at dVerse tonight, and it’s a quadrille happy hour or two. Actually, it lasts all week. Forty four words, with “gather” as tonight’s key word. 


20 thoughts on “Gather – quadrille for dVerse

  1. ah…keeping thoughts on a string — what a lovely thought! 🙂 And I think I would choose a kite string so I would always be looking up into the sky and feeling the breeze in my face as well.
    Enjoyed this very much!


  2. I think some negative thoughts should be bundled and sent far away, and only the positive ones gathered and kept close.


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