Spring days

Those days
when nothing means anything,
just restlessness,
as if your skin was too small,
too big, too hot

when water is too wet

that’s crazy, right?

Those days, when we inch through silence,
or stumble, bumping our hips
on words, clattering against
thoughts unspoken,

and we look out of the window,
yearning for the road home


and we look for meaning
in the running tap,
for sense
in the shifting clouds


Jilly’s doing this thing for the next 28 days. She’s writing poems that are inspired by quotes from Jim Harrison. Today’s quote is:

“Spring day, too loud for talk
when bones tire of their flesh
and want something better.”

from Return

4 thoughts on “Spring days

  1. Bravo!! I love the line “when water is too wet / that’s crazy, right?” (Funny, because I had something very similar in my head, about the the absurdity that water is wet.) Your whole poem describes something so surreal and yet so true and then that final stanza just kicks it! This is so well done and has your voice so clear. I’m glad you joined in.
    (I’m scheduling the prompts to run out in the wee small for my time zone, so you’ll see them in time for coffee and mulling in yours. Hope to see ya jumping in when you can!)


  2. Okay, I don’t know which bit to highlight and tell you how great that is. You caught the essence of unreason (Harrison didn’t invent it, after all!), and created beautifully. Really awesome! The essence of what we do as we poet about is shown clearly here. Hope the bruises heal soon. If not, wear long tops! 🙂


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