Surprised by life

She’s still surprised by life –
as if the world should work quite differently:
leaves unfurl green in spring,
rain falls, even on wedding days,
the tide rolls in and out and in and out
covering and revealing. Knives are sharp.

How does she have the energy, to be so startled
by such ordinary things? To be so hurt
by living? She paints her world in pastel pales,
pearly pinks and misty blues,
then is surprised by the bright sun at noon,
and by the black of midnight
by the sharp green of limes,
the blare of redness at the traffic lights.



I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow

by I don’t know what

from Tomorrow in In Search of Small Gods

~ Jim Harrison

Day 9 of Jilly’s 28 days of Unreason adventure. You can still join in. 


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