Freedom – haibun for dVerse

We can’t ever be free.

I have moments of feeling free: absolutely, totally free. They are moments when I forget myself, when I’m completely caught up in something bigger, wilder, more elemental than myself. They are the moments when I walk out of work, walk out of my life. They don’t last. I wouldn’t want them to.

The important things are the ties that bind you. They may chafe and irritate, but they are the things that make us people, make us human. Love, friendship, parenting, family – that complex web of threads that hold us in place. If we cut all of them, what would we be? Somewhere on the other side of freedom, I think. Somewhere dark, and silent, and lonely.

wind on the water
bird flying over the trees
nestlings call for food


Bjorn asks us to haibun on freedom for the dVerse Monday night prompt. 

12 thoughts on “Freedom – haibun for dVerse

  1. That’s very profound. It does seem we need our human moments where we relate to others as much as we need our wild and free moments.


  2. I agree with you, Sarah, about the ties that bind us making us human, and about them being a ‘complex web of threads that hold us in place’. I can hear those nestlings calling. 🙂

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  3. I love your take on the prompt! You’re so right – “the important things are the ties that bind you.” What would we do without them? Go to a very dark place indeed.


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