She doesn’t want to write about love

She’s not going to write about love –
because everyone writes about love,
and everyone knows
that love is a rose
and love is a thorn,
and love is a glistening
bead of blood on a fingertip.

There’s so much more to life
than love – there’s moonlight,
and reading, and bottomless coffees,
but everyone knows that
love is a warm jolt of caffeine,
and love is a poem,
and love is the moon,
and love is a lone wolf howling,

and even when she strips
the metaphors out of her work,
writing a forest – a real one –
she drove there, and pressed her hand
into the bark of a tree
’til her palm was marked,
still everyone knows
that love is a tree,
and love is a forest,
and love is the road
that carries you there.


“Love is raw as freshly cut meat,

mean as a beetle on the track of dung”

~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason


Day 20 of this 28 day delve into the world of Jim Harrison. Jilly is hosting a month of Unreason. Check it out. There’s some great stuff being written there.

11 thoughts on “She doesn’t want to write about love

  1. We are completely taken in, completely fooled, completely with you on this looping ride. This is so well written, Sarah! Great choices on your end-words, especially on the start of the third stanza. Smart. 🙂


  2. Loved the metaphors and the end of the journey and the rhythms and just about everything in this poem – Gold stars all round!


  3. Sarah, you put a lot of magic into this. Pragmatic…and yet poetic. Loved the ending.

    (By the way, I find it nigh impossible accessing you site from my phone on both safari and chrome…but seems alright on laptops etc. Just letting you know..I may not be able to read yours early enough)


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