Deep waters

There are all sorts of things down there –
I’ve seen them glimmering in the murk,
moonfish, mirrorfish, memories –
sometimes a pale hand rises up
to press the surface.

I’ve seen my face reflected there
a thousand times. A million.

Vile, snapping things rise suddenly
in a whorl of mud, and sink again,
and gleaming predators glide smoothly,
light dappling their flanks.

So many things – lost things, that
unexpectedly break free, appear –
things jettisoned in the fight
to stay afloat. Illusions formed
from kelp and moonlight.

In this small boat,
I’ve sat out storms, and calms.
Some days I’ve waited hours
in the harsh, baking sun,
and nothing’s bitten on my line at all;
sometimes I’ve pulled a hundred
shimmering mackerel;
sometimes a single silver fish,
that I’ve let free, to leap and grow.

Sometimes a word, and sometimes silence,
sometimes a poem.

This, of course, is primarily for Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason. It also works for today’s Mindlovemisery’s menagerie prompt – I’m going with When the fish stop biting as my alternative title…

Here’s the quotation, from the man himself:

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface ” from Songs of Unreason

10 thoughts on “Deep waters

  1. “murk, / moonfish, mirrorfish” – that’s what we all look for, isn’t it? Beautifully done. Link back to Jilly’s page so the others know you have posted and can come read!


  2. I like the two way process – some things rising – other times fishing – a brilliant analogy of how a poem comes to be


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