Summertime itch

My feet are office carpet itchy,
my eyes are screen stare scritchy –
I think I’ve got an allergy to inside space:
I need to feel the sunshine on my face –
summer lightning fizzing on my skin
I’m just waiting for the weekend to begin.

And – dVerse is back! Seven years of prompts, sharing and poetic community. Today’s prompt is, appropriately, itch. Grace is hosting tonight, and I’m itching to get over there.  


20 thoughts on “Summertime itch

  1. I can relate to the itch to go outside and feel the sunshine on my face ~ Let the weekend begin again, smiles ~ Thanks for joining us Sarah ~ Happy annviersary ~


  2. Ha! I too often used to feel the need to go outside and feel the sun. Thank goodness I retired 3 years ago! I love the word scratch. I give my MIL’s dog “scritchey scrotches” be hind his ears.


  3. I like ‘screen stare scritchy’. Mine is just calming down now I’ve finished marking – and I managed to get out in the garden two afternoons in a row and sat in my purple chair to read with the cats nearby – heaven with some ‘summer lightning fizzing on my skin’!


  4. You lured me in with the first line and it just got better from there! I like the theme and contrasts you made. That indoor space can definitely be itchy and annoying after awhile.


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