Puzzle – quadrille for dVerse

Under tables, under chairs, caught in the fringes of the rug,

Look at the glittering fractals of our love –

Zestful colours, shimmering, shining,

Pieces scattered like confetti, all across the floor,

Zig-zag sides and gentle, curving edges

Eternal puzzle,  always seeking to be solved.


I think I’ve invented a new form. An anacrostagram – rearrange the lines to solve the puzzle! Too easy, ha? Well, I did give it away. A fun quadrille for Mish at dVerse.

18 thoughts on “Puzzle – quadrille for dVerse

  1. oh well, isn’t this TOTALLY interesting … I mean seriously clever. This poem does, indeed read both ways – the ways presented and then as your “new form” …. LOL – not how cool is this?? Almost a fractal in itself. gold star to you!


  2. A future prompt, perhaps? I enjoyed your love-poem anacrostagram, Sarah! A puzzle is a great metaphor for love, something we can’t explain or define, but it’s there, sometimes ‘shimmering’ for all to see, and other times ‘caught in the fringes of the rug’..


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