Hold your breath – for dVerse

Everything stopped moving –
Feathers hung suspended,
Grass was green and frozen,
Held in that still moment:
Ice in a blue prism –
Just speak and it’s broken.


The lovely Lillian over at dVerse asks us to write an alphabet sestet – a six line poem, where each line begins with a sequential letter of the alphabet – in this case, E-F-F-H-I-J. Short but sweet. 


24 thoughts on “Hold your breath – for dVerse

  1. It is absolutely luscious to have a moment like this – and I love your descriptive line “ice in a blue prism” …Wouldn’t it be lovely, if like when you hold a kaleidoscope up and twist it into shapes and stop on one that you just love….life could be like that? To just stop it there for a few moments? 🙂


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