That one

That bitch

elbow deep in my sweat

eating my dreams

and the dark mouth on her

chewing chewing chewing

that one

looking now

at the bones on her plate

and her sharp teeth


as she smears my blood

across the table



Mish is hosting open link night at dVerse tonight. This is for that.

17 thoughts on “That one

  1. You got my attention with this one, wow. Your POV is mysterious, like the voice of fish or fowl or calf, somehow still aware, still there, witnessing the devouring of their own flesh–or a fly on the wall, or a poet in a pub spying on your husband’s mistress.


  2. Mysterious indeed but it could be the same person too. Her, is maybe the same person projecting a dark side of her personality – one who is starved and very hungry for something. Good writing here Sarah!

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  3. Something of the nature of rage, going after oneself in such an outward way. And the choosing — as if there is ever one to choose besides ourselves. But who knows, you wrote this so obliquely and ferociously it could batten a dozen palates.


  4. Yikes! This was intense…..and I loved it. Gave me different scenarios to ponder, but I thought of it as an angry self reflection. We tend to sabotage our own dreams.


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