Sits in my palm
like something old
polished with handling
through the generations

and yet

I am the first to see
this flat blind nipple
this warm belly, swollen,
marked with the swirled
thumbprint of life.


Welcome to dVersee, where we are using all our senses to write mindful poems. 


17 thoughts on “Conker

  1. I love conkers – they remind me of my childhood. There were two horse chestnut trees right outside out block of maisonettes and all the children would gather them – not so many actual played conkers, though. I just loved the burnished brown colour and the ‘horse’ in the name. I wanted a horse when I was little and a chestnut was the closest I got! And you’re right, they are like things that have been polished over time, even though they are new every autumn. I like the break of ‘and yet’ and the development of the theme of procreation in the ‘swirled thumbprint of life’. Wonderful, Sarah.


  2. For a moment, I thought you had a Conk shell. We don’t have many horse chestnut trees in WA state. Are these the eating kind of chestnuts, like in the Christmas songs?


  3. This is a new term for me. I discovered it is what we called Horse Chestnuts. We had them in Pennsylvania when I was young. We dug out the middle and made pretend pipes with them. Loved all your great images. The smoothness of the thumbprint is perfect!


  4. my friend told me they keep spiders away. “marked with the swirled
    thumbprint of life”. – this was to me a sweet appreciation for the effort mother nature takes into giving us things of beauty and wonder


  5. You made me think about how being the first to see and appreciate a small detail that has been overlooked by others gives you an intimate connection with that object. This suits the prompt well – demonstrating how time spent with an object can broaden ones perspective.


  6. Lovely descriptions and contrasts.. I like the idea of “a thumbprint of life” and those objects touched for the first times. Makes me think about how much of nature is never ever touched.


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