Hot fat

hot fat smell is
warm carcoon as rain bang bang bangs
on the windscreen,

is window opaqued with steam
cold air outside
hot fat smell curling
fingers stroking
take your coat off

hot fat smell
is egg sunshine runny

hot fat smell is strong tea,
thin coffee,
sweet milk hot chocolate

Monday cold meat
hot gravy

2 a.m. motorway stop
empty service station
sleeping child
seeking comfort

hot fat smell
is reeling off the waltzers
is too much lager
is midnight rain on a city pavement

salty lips

hot fat smell
bus shelter

Gina is hosting at dVerse tonight, and asks us to think about the smells that bring us comfort. I’m not sure I’ve hit the prompt exactly, but there you go. Sometimes the muse takes you a little sideways. Anyhow, I’m not a massive chip eater (fries to my trans-atlantic friends, I believe), and I cook them at home maybe twice a year but there’s something about that smell when you’re cold and hungry and it’s just started raining…

21 thoughts on “Hot fat

  1. As a kid, we ate the fat on a steak; like the skin on a potato, that was the apex of taste. My wife cooks extra lean hamburger, but like skim milk, it comes out bland.

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  2. I love the way your poem drifts like the smell of hot fat, Sarah. It takes me back to when my mum made egg and chips as a treat – my dad’s favourite! The way you describe the ‘window opaqued with steam / cold air outside’ it has to be tea time (dinner time for some) when you’ve got home after school in the autumn. When my nan picked me up from school it was always hot chocolate and crumpets with Marmite while we watched Jackanory 🙂
    Salty lips in the bus shelter takes me back!

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  3. Hot fat smell…so sensual and warm – hot salty lips…my goodness that is sensual. I understand chips are fatter than fries and it seemed that way to me when sucking down fish and chips in London. The smell that lingers is a bit rank but oh the smell of the cooking!

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  4. So amusing that the smell is associated with rain! I love the occasional fish and chips, but rarely do home fries. Perhaps I’ll do some the next rainy day!!

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  5. the contrasts of hot and cold with the food and the atmosphere around you created this little bubble of warmth and safety. I first had chips on a cold autumn’s day in Auckland and remember vinegar used as a condiment, that scent takes me back to a special time in my life. I can see and feel how these smells will always be part of your memory Sarah.

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