And so the years pass and we wonder where the time went…

It used to be so simple –
said with a grumble or a laugh –
grubby hands at teatime,
dirty tootsies in the bath –

now you’re more sophisticated,
it’s the wrong boy sending snaps,
an insect in your cocktail,
a Starbucks slopping in your lap –




A quadrille for De at dVerse – just about squeezed that yuk word into my 44 word limit!

18 thoughts on “And so the years pass and we wonder where the time went…

  1. I thought /dirty tootsies in the bath/ were half-eaten tootsie rolls; silly me. Mommy kissing Santa Claus, now that’s yucky.


    • I have a feeling you’ve come up against my Englishisms before! I don’t even think about it. Sorry. And what is a tootsie roll actually like? It’s one of those iconic things you read about in American stories all the time. You don’t get them over here. In my head it’s a tiny swiss roll covered in chocolate…


  2. Love the tootsies in the bath! I thought tootsies were a southernism for feet. Must be the English in my ancestors. A tootsie roll, FYI, is a dense chocolate taffy, chewy, sweet, chocolatey. too often used now as “litter” in “cat litter cakes” = made of candy and cookies and totally yucky.


  3. Well I’m all confused. I thought the dirty tootsies in the bath were on dirty little feet. I haven’t thought about Tootsie Rolls in forever, and now I’m wanting one! This challenge is bringing out everyone’s whimsical side, and I’m loving it!


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