My name is – a poem

I never waited in a tower for you,
or slept and dreamed of you –
not for a hundred years,

no way –

I never combed my hair,
and wore my prettiest dress,
and sat and sewed, serenely,
and hoped you’d ride up
on your charcoal coloured horse
and set me free.

I never danced in stupid shoes –
well, not for you. I never left
at midnight – not without you.

I never bit the apple:
I’m not crazy. I never wore
my shoes to shreds,
I never sat and trusted
that I would be rescued.

That’s not me.

Amaya is tending bar at dVerse and asks us to write a poem about our name. A forename, a family name, a nickname – whatever we like. I guess this is an anti-poem about my name. My name is Sarah, which means “princess” – of course.

23 thoughts on “My name is – a poem

  1. Sarah is also very biblical–Old Testament. But I enjoyed the fun you had princess bashing and roaring at men. Most fairy tales were written by biased ignorant men it seems.


  2. an anti -poem – first time i heard of one. this was lovely as I picked out who the princess’s were, my first clue was the dancing in stupid shoes – such a creative poem Sarah!


  3. I love your anti-poem, SarahI I am not a Disney fan but one film I did enjoy was Brave – I could watch it over and over, just to listen to Billy Connolly’s voice and giggle at bare bottoms! Merida is a brilliant anti-princess. My favourite line has to be the Cinderella one with the stupid shoes!


  4. An anti-poem, yes — for isn’t there a strangeness about the name we were given at both, isn’t the fate ascribed to it fore or aft of our soul’s own sailing? The poem was bittersweet for me, rejecting the semblances of a name almost wistfully, as if looking back to say were it only true. Which leaves this reader wondering if the princess is really in the speaker’s shoes.

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  5. One of my sisters is called Sara, without the h. I wonder if that makes a difference? And yet, when all’s said and done, princess is just a title, not a quality, earned or bequeathed. I have a problem with royalty. You’re an O’Connor. Nuff said.


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