Beauty in ugliness – a poem

I am an expert in not seeing –
my eyes can slide from face to belly
without registering what’s between –
smooth as the cool glass in the mirror –

they don’t stop

I am skilled in the fine art
of ignoring. I don’t see the thin line
where the blade bit me. I don’t see
the surgeon’s skill

there is no feeling

that line marks me, scrawled across my skin,
but under it there is the beauty
of scalpel, needle, years of training –
all those years of study given to me

by his steady hand

and my clean cells linking binding,
their interdigitation, their blind purpose,
has its own beauty. My skin weaving itself
my muscles cleaving to each other

in a blue womb.

Mish is hosting at dVerse tonight and asks us to look for the beauty in ugliness. Sometimes that’s hard to do. 


26 thoughts on “Beauty in ugliness – a poem

  1. My last one was by cesarean section and the nurses kept inciting me to look at the beautiful job the obstetrician had done. I never could bear to look at that red seam with the spiky tufts of stitches in it.


  2. Scars are beautiful – they tell stories and usually the best ones because they show we have survived – we have something to show for the pain.Stunning language in the lines:
    ‘…my clean cells linking binding,
    their interdigitation, their blind purpose,
    has its own beauty’.


  3. Scars as evidence of talented hands, a wealth of education seamed in that scar….
    Interesting timing here….did you read of Princess Eugenie’s wedding (royal family) — and her dress that she deliberately had designed with a bare back to show the scar from a scoliosis surgery she had as a child?


  4. I have scars myself and I do appreciate the work done by these dedicated men and women after years of training. I like that your skin is weaving, muscles cleaving and healing again,


  5. the line – they don’t stop was such a powerful one for me. we do dwell on ugly too long and your words tell me, all the imperfections do make up a beautiful person and personality. this poem really grows on me as i re read it a few times


  6. Yes i know of scars and surgeons’ skill. Having had 2 abdominal surgeries in my lifetime. I wear bathing suits but not bikinis☺

    Nice obe Sara



  7. Beautiful Faces
    Ugliest Invisible
    Ability to Love
    Often Absent With
    No Request
    oF Emptiness
    Ugliest Cancers
    No Empathy or
    From others
    For this Humanity
    DisEase oF UGliest Fall.


  8. That blue womb of the surgery is a powerful image to leave with. I like how you have your cells blindly weaving together for some greater purpose beyond their understanding. I marvel that surgeons are able to do what they do but I have never before considered the inner workings beautiful. You are able to see what I never could.


  9. I have a scar, and it’s so hard to find now that when I went back to the surgeon for follow-up, she praised herself, saying, “God, I’m good!” I don’t normally take God’s name in vain, but I smile every time I think back to that day… thankful for the scar, the skill of the surgeon, and the present quality of life they represent. Without the surgery which left that scar, I wouldn’t be here today.

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