Cigarette ends – a poem

And if each of these was kissed

by someone’s anxious lips –

if each one held a moment

of comfort on a day

of grief or fear or doubt –

if each one was a gift

of friendship on a rainy

station platform, as the train

pulled out, heading for darkness –

would that be beauty?

This is the second poem for Mich’s prompt – actually sticking to the pictures she offers this time! Check out the dVerse poetry place. 

20 thoughts on “Cigarette ends – a poem

  1. You did it! You found beauty in those ugly cigarette butts! Marvellously done, Sarah:
    ‘if each one was a gift
    of friendship on a rainy
    station platform, as the train
    pulled out, heading for darkness –
    would that be beauty?’
    Once upon a time I might have said ‘Yes!’
    Not any more…

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      • Yes — I love the question….and the positive attributes you’ve attached…It reminded me of a poem I did many years ago about sea glass….wondering who had touched it, was it from a glass raised to lovers’ lips, etc. So oh yes, I do applaud you for choosing the photo. I agree – the most challenging and you took up the challenge well. I didn’t mean to be so curt with my response…..apologies. It is very well done. 🙂


  2. Mish wrote on cigarettes too and it is a love hate relationship for me, i don’t like what it can do to our health yet it is one of the things that reminds me of my dad. So I am always pulled apart. Maybe that’s what a smoker feels too??


  3. LOVE this! As horrible as cigarettes are, you found comforting and positive moments that evolved from them. I liked the poem beginning with “And”, as if a discussion was taking place. Perfect question at the end, leaving the reader to decide.


  4. i Just Don’t Know.. Now.. Then.. my Father an Identical
    Twin.. 13 until Close to 81 Dropping Dead Smoking almost
    the Entire Journey Ending Dementia Early Still Standing
    Meanwhile 5.. Still Counting More
    Years for his
    Twin Brother
    Lost in Space
    And it’s True A Free Dance
    Reduces the chance of that
    Neurological Disease by 70 Percent..
    Yes.. A Dreaded A Word oF oLd Age..
    So Yes.. my Pack of Cigarettes is 10,080 Miles of
    Public Free Dance in 5 Years now as yes it’s true
    i’m still all lit up
    in the
    of use it
    or lose it now.. in Ugly..
    so many Uglies in Options
    never told.. considered.. or practiced..
    With Nature Deficit Disorder NDD the
    Killer of all that’s Good in Life ‘these days’
    Even More
    to most
    Folks now
    Such an Invisible
    Ugly Absent Way Of Life for Now At Least.


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