The seasons turn – haibun for dVerse

There was frost on the car this morning. It’s the first time I’ve had to scrape the windscreen this year. I allowed myself a moment of smugness for  having had the scraper to hand.

The clocks changed this weekend – fall backwards, they remind us – so it’s darker earlier. That feels like a big shift, but actually, things have been changing gently over the last few days – some trees are still green, some are gold and amber, some are practically naked now. There are bright red berries on the holly, the apples are all picked, and the blackberries are finished. We’ve had big moons, and impossibly clear nights full of stars, and we’ve had brooding cloudscapes hanging over us. The swallows are long gone, and I haven’t seen the first starlings yet, but the rooks are everywhere. We’ve put aside summer shirts, and I wore a woolly hat today to walk on the beach, even though the sky was bright, shiny blue.

rooks cast black shadows
trees throw golden cascades
nights are full of stars

Merril is hosting at dVerse tonight, and asking us to write about a period of transition. This is very simple, but the clocks going back feels quite significant. 

23 thoughts on “The seasons turn – haibun for dVerse

  1. This is beautiful, Sarah. No need to be personal. Though it is in a way because it is you noticing the changes. Not everyone does, or not in your own Sarah way. Even though I dread the darkness, your prose has such a gentle feeling of everything as it should be, like nature is simply going to sleep. I like the way you mention each marker. The haiku is gorgeous!

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  2. Your details are so vivid and enjoyable. The shifting of the equinox and the arbitrary forcing of changing clocks certainly are transitions. I abhor daylight saving time; always seems ridiculous and obtrusive to me. Your haiku is sweet.


  3. The glorious maple outside my window is crimson and the sky today is a cloudless cobalt blue, and I’m treasuring the subtle changes of autumn, just as you have written!

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  4. Am looking forward to the changing of our clocks this coming weekend. That hour makes a difference as I have been going to work early at dawn. I envy your walking on the beach as I live in a city. Thanks for giving us a snapshot of your autumn season.


  5. I love these changes, Sarah, from the first frost on the windscreen to the woolly hat on the beach – they are my favourite autumn things. I’ve been watching the trees, the big moon and the birds, too. The sound of rooks, crows and magpies is so autumnal/wintry. When I read your haibun it felt like we’d been doing it all at the same time – a bit like when we read the same book on Pigeonhole!
    And that’s a stunner of a haiku!


  6. i loved the glimpse into another part of the world and through your haibun i could feel the transition of time to accommodate more light into life. you say it is gradual like creeping in but then one thing or the other is more significant and the transition is felt acutely. love the haibun, the flow is like a gentle river.


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