Once upon a…again

Once upon a teardrop, a sixpence, a moonbeam

She smashed the mirror long blades of glass glistening on the carpet she shattered with it but now they can’t see her they can’t get in.

Once upon a rosebud, a lipstick, a ruby

The room is so hot, and she’s frantic now afraid but the only way out is through the door,and she can’t turn the handle her hands are wet now she’s fumbling now tumbling

Once upon a rainbow, a sunbeam, a daisy

It’s dark outside but she won’t draw the curtains not until he’s home not until she hears the car pull into the drive she’s turned off the TV she’s lying on the sofa there’s blood on the hearth rug the heart rug the earth rug

Once upon a mermaid, a fish slice, a teacup

She hates to be alone

A second “Once upon a…” poem for dVerse, where Lillian is hosting a “Once upon a…” extravaganza!




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