Winter afternoon – a poem for dVerse

The sky is a piece of paper,
crumpled and smoothed out
by grubby hands, smeared
with grey, mottled by time

all meaning rubbed away

the gull is a blade,
slicing through the air,
each feather sharpened
by the wind, each turn
drawing blood

the sky is a dirty
sheet of paper.

the gull is a
feathered blade.


Bjorn is behind the bar at dVerse tonight. It’s a Meet the Bar night, and he’s asked us to think about metaphors. 

I actually think it would be harder for me to write a poem without metaphors, and for it still to be a poem. 


22 thoughts on “Winter afternoon – a poem for dVerse

  1. What is a poem without metaphor and simile? Just blank prose or technical writing. Your poem really perked me up. The image of the gull with razor sharp wings slicing through the guts of the night is haunting and so cool.


  2. I love the shape of this wonderful poem, Sarah, like a feather or blade, the way you have folded and unfolded metaphors – poetic origami – and the final lines pared down to single words – a visual metaphor. The sky is a familiar one – a grubby British seaside sky, I think.

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  3. We can try to be sky writers, but any etchings we perceive there are simply swallowed up in its vast and reaching vastness, all meaning rubbed away. I write in fits and starts, crumple and rub and begin again, yet all that comes through is simply a life, feathering sharply across a canvas. What purpose do we have but to breathe this sky together? I love the references to origami in this poem, after folds and undulations we are left with the penetrating echoes of what simply is…


    All winter is now changed for me Sarah.


  4. I love your use of color I’ve seen the sky look just like this. I always find natural phenomena so difficult to describe- the vastness defeats me . It’s like taking a photo that, no matter the artistry stills turns fluidity flat – but you captured it. The crumbled smoothed out image and gull resored motion into the picture. Lovely.


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