Spoil- poem for dVerse

We ransack:

Spoilt children
squabbling over
spoils of war –
we plunder


as if we win
by ripping

we gain
a plastic coated void
an empty husk

a lonely playground
a dead, stinking pond

bare bones
hard rocks

a hollow victory

Tonight’s dVerse prompt is a quadrille – 44 words including the word “spoil”.

27 thoughts on “Spoil- poem for dVerse

  1. Oh my…..this could be interpreted in many ways. We spoilt humans wreaking havoc on the world with war / our slashing and burning and harming the environment / or one could take a look at your words in light of our political climate as well. Very well done — and far too often, a hollow victory for sure.

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    • I hadn’t thought of the political side of things, though that works well, too. I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest Vanity Fair adaptation, but there’s a great quote at the start of each episode – “everyone’s striving for that which is not worth having…”

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  2. The line breaks in this poem are effective, Sarah, as are the choice of active verbs. I also like the empty sounds in the lines:
    ‘a lonely playground
    a dead, stinking pond

    bare bones
    hard rocks

    a hollow victory’.


  3. I came up through the bare bones/hard rocks school of poetics. Your message is clarion; doves vs. hawks. After WWII, America has never “won” another war. Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and now 13 years in Afghanistan; added to the mix that Trump is a Mussolini clone, and things look pretty bleak.


  4. I like how this poem can take you to different scenarios. My mind went to war and global competition though. I particularly like your choice of results such as the ‘stinking pond’ and ‘plastic void’. That last term reminds me of the plastic encased plastic toys I noticed in the store yesterday.


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