Secret ingredient – poem for dVerse

I’m not like her, she’s
like a fish, flickering, caught
in a fine net, somewhere between
sunset and sunrise, childhood
games long gone, and
nothing to show but the
scars left by the world
as it whirled past, wielding
its laughter like a blade, like nothing
that can be held. But
even so, I’m like her, as a
bird is like a fish, a pair
of darting curves, of
nestling pom-poms.

A poem for Amaya’s dVerse prompt last night. The secret is that I’ve borrowed a verse from De’s poem for her own Quadrille prompt on Monday. I always feel a Golden Shovel has a secret ingredient in it…

18 thoughts on “Secret ingredient – poem for dVerse

  1. I love this. Every word. Amazing. I’m crazy about the pacing. This is my favorite:

    “flickering, caught
    in a fine net, somewhere between
    sunset and sunrise, childhood”

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  2. This is a fascinating poem, Sarah. It highlights how we want to distance ourselves from the undesirable traits we see in others when in a moment of truth, birds and fish alike, we are all trying to escape whatever proverbial net is there today to put us in a box. The pom-poms symbolize the excusable silliness in trying to be so unique and defiant.

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  3. Sara, really very cool piece, and I had never heard of the “Golden Shovel” form. “..wielding its laughter like a blade” this is a brilliant line. It so very accutately describes tsunting laughter. Excellent write Sara…!

    …and I been meaning to tell you, you really kicked that Terminator’s butt! (So sorry, I waited as long as I could… I know you must hear that a lot… couldn’t help myself… please forgive me)

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