The spice drawer – poem for dVerse

This drawer is full of magic –
I have witchcraft stored here –
tangled in the twisting scents of nutmeg
and vanilla, waiting to be stirred
into life with my long spoon –

all the colours of the desert,
and a slow line of camels
making their way westward –

and I have dreams, too,
dreams that crunch through
the snow, sugar under foot,
dreams that pirouette
across the table –
dreams of gingerbread,
and the fresh scent of pine trees;

and memories – these warm
memories, fresh from the oven –
the scent of cloves on Sunday mornings,
the smell of cinnamon, crisped with sugar –
a street bazaar that scatters
cumin and coriander
through the morning air,
the hot taste of chai
as the mist rises
and the first train pulls in –

this drawer is full of magic
waiting to be set free.

Gina is tending the bar at dVerse tonight and asks us to look for the magic in ordinary things. Christmas is coming, and the spice drawer is being raided on a regular basis in our house. I’ve always liked the idea that these exotic commodities manage to make their way to my muddy corner of Devon, bringing the sunshine with them. 

15 thoughts on “The spice drawer – poem for dVerse

  1. how wonderful this is Sarah, you had me part of the magic floating out of your spice drawer, by the way I have never seen one of those, so you brought something very exotic to your poem. Like the magic of the East as fine as those powders, only released when the drawer is slid open and then the camels dance and pirouette as the scents are released. Oh I fell in love with these magical images, you make the ordinary very special, have you thought of writing this into a fairy tale? I can read this over and over again and find new magic every time!

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  2. So sensual and lyrical; a perfect poem to rock the prompt. The touch of Marco Polo mixed with Omar Kayyam really gives us an exotic ride. I like your lines /the hot taste of chai/as the mist rises/and the first train pulls in/.


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