The painting – poem for dVerse

if I could walk
down that white road
under that white sun,
with my shadow
sharp carved beneath me,
smelling the heat of the road –
I would step through this frame
and let my skin sigh
in the pleasure of light,
not looking back.

Lillian at dVerse asks us to write about something hanging on our walls. When we were in Goa many years ago, we bought a painting. At this time of year it makes me dream.

8 thoughts on “The painting – poem for dVerse

  1. Oh Sarah….what a wonderful poem. I am right there with you, your description is so specific and well writ! I love the idea of letting my skin sigh, in the pleasure of light, not looking back. And your description of your shadow that would then be in the painting is just perfect. It really places you inside the frame! Well done. So glad you decided to hang with us today! 🙂


  2. MMmmmmmmmm. Such an evocative ekphrastic poem. I too love “let my skin sigh in the pleasure of light” and also “not looking back” when actually that is what you are doing which implies that wonderful theory of time in which everything is always happening. Very, very nice poem.


  3. I love this poem, Sarah! It speaks of unabashed longing for contentment and appeals to the senses. I especially enjoyed the thought of stepping through the frame and letting my skin sigh ‘in the pleasure of light’.


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