Winter – poem for dVerse

From leaf-shed
to new growth –

we are seeing out
the winter.

Sun-starved, we hanker
after light,

hoarding up pale moments
of beauty –

the scratch of twigs against
the sky,

the bleached petals of
the sunset,

the red haze growth of
witch hazel

and we yearn.

Oh, we yearn.

Lillian is hosting at dVerse tonight, asking us to shed our inhibitions, and our coats, and settle down to some writing. We are riffing on the word “shed”. Join us.

20 thoughts on “Winter – poem for dVerse

  1. I love your winter poem shaped like a leaf, Sarah! I especially love ‘hoarding up pale moments /of beauty’ and ‘the bleached petals of / the sunset’, which I see most days in the Norfolk landscape. Your words evoke a strong sense of yearning in me, Sarah!


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