Steeple – poem for dVerse

here is the church here is the steeple open the door and here are the people
praying for their souls in the scent of chrysanthemums

oh, their souls, dressed in white
crying crying crying in the corner of the world.

crying for the world.

This is my second poem for Mish’s dVerse prompt. I found myself channelling Stevie Smith, I think. Steep is the word tonight.


13 thoughts on “Steeple – poem for dVerse

  1. Funny, I was going to use steeple and changed it to tower. I like the juxtaposition of the living praying for themselves, and their souls, presumably what is best in us, praying for the world. Shame there’s nobody to hear.


  2. My nan taught me that rhyme with actions (where you wiggle your fingers). The addition of ‘praying for their souls in the scent of chrysanthemums’ also reminded me of my nan. The ending is so sad.


  3. Scent of chrysanthemums – the symbolism of that flower shakes this up, and wonderfully so! Funny, too, that it is the flower I used in my sonnet, for the same reason. We are riding similar waves these days, Sarah. Nicely written quadrille, the repetition is terribly effective!


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