Storm – poem for dVerse

It began with a silence

a silence I hardly heard,
lost in all the silences,
lost in all the noises of the world

and then the first drops
whispered on my skin
so soft I hardly felt them

left me staring
at the dust dry earth
wondering what I knew

and then



I’m hosting at dVerse tonight! I’m asking people to think about harbingers, beginnings, the way things can start almost without us realising it. Do join in.

24 thoughts on “Storm – poem for dVerse

  1. An ominous harbinger is silence but I do love to feel the first drops of rain and the sound of a good downpour! You’ve captured it so well in your poem, Sarah. My favourite lines:
    ‘…the first drops
    whispered on my skin
    so soft I hardly felt them’.


  2. We were driving in Louisiana one summer, and a tornado warning was on the radio; it became night at noon, and there was a terrible silence as the darkness mantled us. Then in the distance we could here a deep faint rumble, like a train coming. We escaped at 120 mph, but the memory lingers.

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  3. LOVE it! You’ve made me be right there with you. And oh yes…..I do recognize not hearing the silence. Sounds like it would be impossible…to hear the lack of sound. But oh when we do, it is almost always the harbinger of something momentous to come!


  4. A silence I hardly heard – silences speak volumes if we can only hear them in the midst of the noises. This is a great poem creating a visceral response – sensory imagery but I am left wondering which sense(s) has been triggered. Just fabulous!!


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