Safe at home – rubaiyat for dVerse

Today the sky’s a pigeon’s wing,

Or any pearly, shimmering thing;

This house a smooth and curving nest,

Where I am curled and sheltering.

The hill’s a tumbling, green wave’s crest,

Tossed by some rough and wild tempest,

This house a sturdy little boat,

That’s sailing to the sunset west.

Last night I got up when I woke,

Shared the moon’s gaze – we neither spoke –

This house a lantern held in midnight’s hand,

Sheltered from storm by her dark velvet cloak.

My second offering for Frank’s rubaiyat collection at dVerse. I’m struggling a bit with this form. The last two lines are a slightly different length, but I think that adds finality. It’s a linked rubaiyat – aaba bbcb ccdc. Also, wordpress is playing nicely and I can’t get the spacing right, which makes it look a bit less rubaiyat-y. Go and check out the rest at dVerse – some people are flying with this form.

17 thoughts on “Safe at home – rubaiyat for dVerse

  1. This reads beautifully Sarah. Safe at home is the theme I got from the lines. If you want the last 2 lines to be the same length, may I suggest:

    This house – lantern – in midnight’s hand,

    Saved from storm by her velvet cloak.


  2. i get annoyed with wordpress when i want a certain format too. your rubaiyat flowed for me, i saw the house in different forms, the imagery was spot on and i loved the part of it being a boat sailing to the sunset


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