Invisible roses – poem for dVerse

He bought her invisible roses –
filled her arms with them –
petals insistent against her skin –
piled them round her –
petals feathering against her lips –
and the smell of them –
deep as wine –
heaped them in great drifts –
until she sank beneath the weight of them

Merril is hosting dVerse tonight, and we are asked to think about all things invisible.


21 thoughts on “Invisible roses – poem for dVerse

  1. A magnificent metaphor, indeed. Your title, INVISIBLE ROSES could easily be a novel or a film.Very creative within splendid brevity.


  2. petals insistent, deep as wine – there’s both the headiness of new relationship energy in those promises, and danger of what it could be


  3. Growing old aint for sissies, and love ain’t for romantics, once you get to know the unquiet beast behind mere affection … this is a wonderful little poem with lots of raging sinew — o those draughts of rose-fragrance, heavy, yes, as wine — it should tell us what invisible chains they wind. So fraudulent and necessary. Who knew?


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