February – quadrille for dVerse

February fill-dyke –
hard to love
when the sky is
dish-cloth grey
and the rain
runs tumble tilt
down the lane.
and the wind is
a slap, not a kiss,
but today
the sky is
bird-song blue
and I believe
in spring.-

The De-light-ful De is hosting at dVerse, and it’s quadrille night! Our word is “kiss” . Come and play with us!


33 thoughts on “February – quadrille for dVerse

  1. Oh, Sarah. So much love for your use of words here. Especially:
    “when the sky is
    dish-cloth grey
    and the rain
    runs tumble tilt
    down the lane.”

    I, too, believe in Spring. And I’m ready for it!


  2. Lovely wordsmithing and hopeful close; very nice. We have a foot of fresh snow, electric blue skies
    and temps in the 20’s; driving the foothills around us is dangerous.


  3. I love this February fill-dyke, Sarah! I particularly love the phrases ‘the rain runs tumble tilt’ and the wind’s ‘a slap, not a kiss’, and the ‘bird-song blue’ sky that renews belief in spring.


  4. I am reading your wonderful poem sarah, while watching out my window as snow fall continues into the second week, dumping more on top the 15 inches we already have. Trying to believe in Spring. But the wind and cold have been slapping more than kissing. Your poem gives mr hope, thank you… 🙂


  5. Oh I LOVE this description of fickle February….and most especially these words:
    “and the rain
    runs tumble tilt
    down the lane”
    It seems there is always at least one day when February teases us with spring-like temperatures and a “bird-song blue” sky….and then she slaps us again with her winds, sometimes snow and sleet. That’s exactly what she’s supposed to hit us with here this afternoon and tonight in Boston. And a week ago, for the New England Patriots victory parade through the city, it was a balmy mid-60s and people were out by the millions with no coats etc! Day before and day after, burr.


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