Venus and the God of War

Venus sways in,
waist cinched tight,
heels high,
hips tick-tocking
like a metronome

she looks at him

the God of War,
sprawled across the
cheap bedspread,
stubble-chinned and

“Oh, honey mine”,
she croons,
letting her fingers
do a slow dance
among the hot,
damp hairs
on his hot damp

“Lick me like I’m candy,
crush me till I burn”

but there’s nothing doing here.

She looks at him
with god-cold eyes,
and wonders how it came to this –

how she left her
clever-handed husband
for this bar-room brawler,

with a broken sword
and a half-dead droptop.

At the window
she looks down
at the tempting streetlights

wonders what happens next.

Gods crave worship.

We’re playing (with) computer games at dVerse tonight. I’m hosting, and I’d love to see you there.


22 thoughts on “Venus and the God of War

  1. I love what you’ve done with mythological figures and a cinematographic scene, Sarah! From Venus’s hips ‘tick-tocking like a metronome’ to the let-down of a ‘stubble-chinned and snoring’ bar-room brawler. I also like her ‘god-cold eyes’ and his ‘broken sword’ and ‘half-dead droptop’. ‘Broken Sword’ was once my favourite video game!


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