Dirt – rubaiyat for dVerse

Who would have thought that so much dust could gather

On every surface? Its like Miss Haversham

Lives here. Cobwebs form lacy curtains,

Grey dust accumulates. Life unravels.

Me, I prefer to deal with living dirt –

Wet footprints, slick with the good earth,

Spilt juice, sweet and sticky, laking

Across the table’s stripped pine desert

And I love silence, but I love the clatter

Of feet on stairs, hard debate, easy chatter,

And the hot beat of the music that you play,

That matters so much, and yet doesn’t matter.

This is (probably) my last rubaiyat for this month’s form challenge. I’m linking it to the original rubaiyat post from Frank, and to Jilly’s post on imagery in the rubaiyat.


12 thoughts on “Dirt – rubaiyat for dVerse

  1. “And I love silence, but I love the clatter
    Of feet on stairs, hard debate, easy chatter,”

    These liked these two lines Sarah. Excuse the pun but I felt you were getting into your stride at this point of the poem.

    I had a friend who made a point of collecting cobwebs at her front door. She had a strange entrance as if made for cobwebs. I gave her a small (artificial) skeleton to hang there and it quickly disappeared under her cobwebs. Oh, how I miss Diana and her cobwebs. A dear eccentric friend.


  2. the feet on stairs and hard debate has me thinking of walking on hard wood floors and good hearty conversations. like the reference to Miss Haversham’s cleaning skills!


  3. So many great lines here. I wouldn’t have known this was a Rubaiyat, if we weren’t doing this form–and by that I mean it just flows one line to the next. Love the Miss Haversham. 🙂 I really like this–great imagery, but also the deeper meaning.


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