Sipping – quadrille for dVerse

So good to be back with the gang,
sip sipping at our memories,
like a bee sips at nectar,
and, yes, the laughter,
the music, the booze,
the laughter again,
that walk that we do –
clumping and separating,
but mostly the talking
and talking

Mish is hosting Quadrille Night at dVerse, and our word is “sip”.

21 thoughts on “Sipping – quadrille for dVerse

  1. I feel that we are all in a gang of wordsmiths here at the Pub, and with all the international perspectives, we get to discuss everything, the full gauntlet, deeply and profoundly.

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  2. I love the busyness of your quadrille, Sarah, the feeling of being in the middle of a friendly gathering and happiness – it reminds me of that song from ‘South Pacific’: “Happy talking, talking, happy talk”!


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