Forgiveness – poem for dVerse

He told her he forgave her,

every day – until

the words curdled in her mouth

and scarred her skin

and she forgot the crime

and who had sinned, but knew

it must be her, for he

forgave her every day.

Frank is hosting at dVerse tonight. The theme is “blame and forgiveness”. I suspect there are some beautiful poems out there, full of glorious gentleness, but this has come out a bit bitter and twisted. Forgive me.

18 thoughts on “Forgiveness – poem for dVerse

  1. “the words curdled in her mouth, and scarred her skin” – left a sour after taste Sarah, maybe he was guilty and saying i forgive and love you was to hide his act of deceit – a different but surely more powerful approach to this prompt.


  2. There is such a lesson and perhaps even a warning in this poem and I love how you’ve highlighted one of the complexities of forgiveness and distilled it into this poem. To me its brilliant and I’m in awe! Thank you


  3. In his earlier book Peck said that mental health was a dedication to reality at all. costs. How twisted it gets though when the truth becomes a bludgeon–more so when an untruth is wielded as one …


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