April Fool – haibun for dVerse

I live in a beautiful place. Beautiful, but rural, remote, and poor compared with the rest of England. We still manage to keep our local Arts Centre going. It offers an eclectic mix of blockbusters and arthouse cinema, struggling theatre groups, comedians working on their act, live streams from the National Theatre, intense one-man shows, Balkan folk bands, gallery space for local artists, poetry and writing groups, yoga, a Youth Theatre programme….

In the spring programme, there’s always a spoof event listed for 1 April. The spoofery is aimed more at the Arts Centre itself than anything else, I think. This year it advertised all-in wrestling – not the usual programming at all.

Apparently 16 people rang for tickets and had to be gently told to check the date.

Now the trustees are wondering if they’re the ones missing a trick!

April sets the stage

Blue-tit clowns, blackbird sings sweet,

Plum blossom dances

A haibun for dVerse on April Fools’ pranks. Kim is hosting today. My family’s not really organised enough to do April Fools’ Day properly.

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