How to write a poem – GloPoWriMo 1

First, find the soul of your poem

How do you find the soul of a poem?

It may rise, serene as a soap bubble as you wash the dishes,

it may slip into the seat next to you as you drive to work,

it may flutter past the window or scream from a screen,

or be scrawled on a toilet wall.

Second, you must open up the soul of the poem

You may do this as delicately as a surgeon wielding a scalpel

or with the sweep of a hunting knife,

with a fine needle, a shard of glass,

or your own teeth and nails.

Third, you must gather the words

Because the words are there,

trembling in the tips of your fingers

echoing from your phone,,

trapped in the book by the side of your bed,

spilling from the lips of the woman beside you,

shimmering in the sunlight, the moonlight

Fourth, you must write the poem

So many ways to write the poem –

with a blunt pencil in a favourite book,

with black ink on the skin of your lover,

on the sand, to be washed away by the tide,

on the walls of the tower, in the blood of the wolf

who died in your arms.

On the sky.

Last, you must finish the poem

Stop writing the poem. Let it be.

It’s not yours. Stop writing the poem,

or you’ll find it’s no longer a poem,

it’s your life.

It’s April so it’s Na/GloPoWriMo. This is a poem of instructions.

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